May 1, 2020

A poem I wrote…

The Dream

I went to sleep and had a dream – a big dream
In it, all around me was bright and clean – sparkling like diamonds
The wind blew sweet, fragrant air, the soft rain nourishing the new growth
I saw far away, across the moors and beyond to the dark mysterious forest.

Weightless I hovered, at first moving slowly
Gathering speed as my thoughts carried me onwards
Across the wide-open paths, the deep, clefted valleys
Showing me Earth’s beauty, it’s rivers, it’s peaks and seas.

I saw the whole world in that one awesome sleep
And waking, refreshed and calm, full of wonder for where I had been
The light flooded in,  blinding my sight, the better to hear the birds and their thunder
A new day had dawned, another slice of life to be seen.

There must be hope, new life, new glory
Springing up from the depths of our story
The wrongs we have wrought on ourselves
And our Earth
Not lost, just hurt, and damaged and ready;

To be mended by a huge uprising of love
A power so huge, bigger than the skies
Surging upwards to a new conscience
A freeing of spirits, a flying untethered
To a new beginning.

I wrote this a few weeks ago and a FOIC (Fellowship of Independent Celebrants)  colleague asked me if he could read it out at one of his funerals.

Jessika Hulbert

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